Tuesday, December 8, 2009

92. Skynet: At Least It's Not Rail

Okay, so this is another one for the students of UH Manoa.  ASUH organized a rally at the state capitol earlier today to protest budget cuts to UH Manoa (which are disproportionately higher than the cuts to the rest of the UH system like the community colleges) despite the fact that Manoa is the only campus which showed an increase in enrollment from the previous fall.
Naturally I would have gone to this rally, but I was in class... along with almost every other student... actually the Tuesday before finals week in the middle of the day is probably one of the worst times to hold a rally downtown and this showed when only, like, fifty kids showed up (or so I'm told).  Good for Mark Ing (ASUH President) for trying, but really? Too little, WAY too late.
Oh yeah, I guess some of you might not be familiar with "Rail."  It's interesting when more people in Hawai'i know what "Skynet" is, than "Rail."  And by interesting I mean depressing.  Anyway, "Rail" is the nickname for the Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor project which would create an above ground mass transit system built on steel rails that (in it's initial stage) would link the Honolulu International Airport to Ala Moana.  I actually support rail (though again, it's too little, WAY too late), but the project has come under a great deal of fire for it's expense and the question of whether it's really necessary (although most commuters will tell you that it should have happened decades ago when the rest of the country did it and when we would have had federal funding to help).  There's a lot of people who seem to think rail is literally the devil.  So I guess this comic is sort of for them too.

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