Monday, September 21, 2009

Candle-John: see, nothing happ-

Part 3 in the Boehnerific slug-fest.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Stimulated Package

A sequel to the previous post!

Forgetfulness, or clever planning on my part? You make the call!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Brain-Blood Rushes to Your Last Name

Published sometime over the Summer.

All the explanation needed:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How The World Really Ends

Last night, Road Runner really did die across the state - at least that's what the Time Warner information message said when we called to find out why our interwebs were broken.

64. The Banana-nut Bread of Dorian Gray

Monday, September 14, 2009

63. World Hunger

So I'm back to using manga studio and I got my fonts back as well. Hooray for production value.

Unfortunately I had to use Paint to resize and add text... Paint is the worst editing program in the history of the world. It was created by Satan in order to bring despair to the hearts of men.

Friday, September 11, 2009

62. Wise Guy

Derp, derp...

Send in the Clowns

OMG, this comic, like, totally hasn't even been published yet, which means it's like extra rare, or valuable or something.

What it really means is that I've officially caught up the site to the present tense and will no longer be typing about how I felt and stuff, but about how I feel... man.

By the way: the Congressmen represented are (Clockwise from top-middle) Harry Reid (D), Kent Conrad (D), Barney Frank (D), John Kerry (D), Chris Dodd (D), John Boehner (R), John Cornyn (R), Mitch McConell (R) and last but not least, Joe Wilson (R).

61. Self-Awareness

So I finally decided that I will, in fact, keep the name of the strip, despite the fact that any semblance of an actual story-line will now be equally (or possibly slightly less) as important as utter randomness and humor.

Baboon of the Yard?

Doesn't get much more random than this. I think I combined at least three different film and television references here, and there's a hidden santa claus in the drawing somewhere.

60. Amazing Advances in Technology!

Not sure who these clowns are yet, but I think I'll use them again, maybe...


Should've taken the blue pill (it is the blue one, right?).

Lol Dood U Spelled It Rong!

My response to the "Maintenance" issue.  See "Priorities."

I would also like to say that I believe mine to be the most accurate rendition yet of an actual, legendary ROFL-Copter.


McMackin is the UH football team's Head Coach, who, besides being somewhat of a blatant homophobe, is also the highest paid state employee in a state that is requiring state employees to endure furlows that will amount to around a 15% pay-cut.

And yes, I know that I misspelled "Maintenance" on the third sign; I got plenty of comments when it was printed.  See next entry for a response to this issue.

59. The Trials and Tribulations of Senator Picklescissors

Another non-sequential strip, from the same universe.

Incidentally, the mayans predicted that the end of the world would be at hand when a field of bananas was seen trying to flee from a fire caused by experimental fire-works.

A Grim Situation

Retrenchment: A vertical reorganization and restructuring of University programs.  Vertical meaning that an entire unit could be wiped out, versus a little bit from everywhere (horizontal).  If you need that unit to graduate then you sir, are in trouble.

It may be necessary, given our economic situation (which is certainly, specifically, not any one person's fault (more like a general incompetency and lethargy), but that doesn't mean that it don't stink.

58. Blurring the Line

Once again, the lack of an idea leads to an idea...

This comic was actually lettered by Lauren Tsugawa, whose hand-writing is exponentially nicer looking than mine. Thanks, goof-ball!

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

As if shouting wasn't enough; now we have to bring assault riffles to town hall meetings?  To what, exercise our right to be immature jack-asses?

Just because you can do something, doesn't make it a good idea. You can light your farts on fire, but when you burn your ass, don't complain about it...

57. The More Things Change...

Shane resorts to drastic measures in order to find out what women find so damn appealing about Vampires.


The Chancellor of UH Manoa; off in her own world while the shit hits the fan right under her nose...

Edit (April 30th, 2010): This comic won first place in the Board of Publications Excellence in Journalism Award for the 2009-2010 academic year in the Editorial Cartoons category.

"You who were once a proud and admirable party..."

Can we have a real debate about this, or is shouting the only way we can communicate about our feelings on the issue?

The insurance companies own the GOP congressmen and put pressure on them to fight reform at any cost.  Because they know it's wrong, the GOP can think of only one way to fulfill their masters' wishes, and that is to feed lies to their constituents; playing off their fear, ignorance etc. "Death-panels?"  For God's sake, what the hell were they thinking?

It must be tiring to have that evil monkey on your back, GOP. Shrug it off. Do what you know is right, as a human being, not as a politician.

56. Welcome Back

First comic of the new semester (Fall '09). Shane really wants a girlfriend, and he's willing to misquote Shakespeare for it.

55. Oh, Wait... You Live in the U.S.? Nevermind.

This is a non-sequential strip that has nothing to do with the story line of the comic.  As I said, my interest in maintaining the strip began to dwindle towards the end of the Summer.

This strip was drawn while I was on a trip to Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver Island in Canada.  The events could have taken place in Victoria, and is definitely a reference to Canadian health-care.

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose

So this comic is a bit dated. It was published over the summer, but I've just now gotten around to posting it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the Horse's Mouth

This cartoon was published way back in late February of 2009.  It pertains to our Governor once again trying to do whatever the hell she wants to.
In this case, she wanted the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling made by Hawaiian courts blocking her from selling ceded (or formerly Royal) lands to developers in order to create a new hotel resort and boost tourism (Hawai'i's number one source of income).  Making matters more complicated was the presence of an ancient Hawaiian burial ground on these lands.  Lingle wanted the bones removed and placed in (probably) the Bishop Museum, so that she could sell the area to her developers.
I wonder if any one would have stayed at a hotel in which Hawaiian ghosts haunted guests nightly.  "Night Marchers," the ghosts of Hawaiian warriors, are infamous for killing people who get in the way of their nightly processions - that'll fuck up your jeans!

The Supreme Court roundly refused her request to overturn the Hawaiian court's ruling.  Supposedly, they were each visited by the "suffocating ghost" that frequents the Hawaiian islands.  The ghost sat on a majority of the chests of the Supreme Court until he had convinced said majority to vote against Lingle.

Won third place in the Board of Publication's 2008-2009 annual "Excellence in Journalism" competition in the "Editorial Cartoon" category.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Super Free-Ferry

World of Jobcraft

Originally an illustration to accompany an Opinions piece on World of Warcraft and how it actually helps to build leadership skills, despite employers discriminating against players of the game on the grounds that they're more likely to slack off and not get any work done (which, having wasted numerous hours on other pointless MMORPGs, I can totally see happening).

I turned it into a comic after the fact by adding the title and text.

Won third place in the Board of Publication's 2008-2009 annual "Excellence in Journalism" awards in the "Infographic" category.

Mother 3

An illustration of the video game "Mother 3" that accompanied a game review in Ka Leo O Hawai'i's Features section.

Won second place in the Board of Publication's 2008-2009 annual "Excellence in Journalism Awards" in the "Infographic" category.


Concept art for a non-related fantasy character.

School Girl

Concept Art for a school girl.

School Boy

Concept Art for a High School Thug with Kazuya Mishima's hair.

Kir and Akane

Concept Art for unrelated characters.
Kir is the green girl and Akane, the red.

Fuma Kotaro

Concept Art for the infamous Fuma ninja.

Densetsu no Zenaku - Main Cast

Fourth version of the main characters for this project (subject to change, some restrictions may apply).

Hand drawn and inked, colored on Photoshop.

Densetsu no Zenaku - Scroll One Cover Art

Hand drawn and inked.  Coloring done entirely on Photoshop.

5. Densetsu no Zenaku

Page 5.
Consequently," Densetsu no Zenaku" means "The Legend of Good and Evil" and is very much a working title.

4. Densetsu no Zenaku

Fourth page of the same project.

3. Densetsu no Zenaku

The third page from the fourth version of a pilot I drew for a potential project.  Page 1 and 2 were never refined to this level, so they will not be shown here.

54. Gotham City's Biggest Problem

This comic marks a steady decline in my desire to keep the plot of "The Sun Also Shines on the Moronic" going.  Though I still use some of the characters after this, my interest in the plot driven element of the comic sort of dies.
A big reason for this is that after this comic was published, my Windows 7 Beta version expired, forcing me to reformat my computer to use the newer "RC 1 (Release Candidate) version."  After that I no longer had Photoshop or Manga Studio and so the look of the comics changed significantly.  I sort of felt that without the look, and without my interest, it was time to retire the strip (though I still really like the title and may use it again at a later date).

53. Queen of the Demons

No, Harold does not drop acid before visiting his girlfriend's parents; he just has a vivid imagination.

A technical note: this is the first comic created by me with the use of a fountain pen and India ink.  I personally like the rougher look, though part of that is that fountain pens are tricky at first.  The India ink looks fantastic.     - noob artist

52. Like an Old Married Couple

Spoiler Alert: this comic is a reference to Governor Lingle's attempts to do whatever the hell she wants.

51. The Muggers Return

More fight scenes. Shameless.

50. The Maze

Master and Commander anyone?

Apparently Harold went on two trips over the summer, and on the second one, he got a Greek haircut with dye.  So apparently Harold is also part Greek.

49. Rough Neighborhood

I live in the roughest part of a not-so-rough neighborhood.  My roommate really did almost get mugged, though it wasn't nearly as awesome as this.

48. Poster Wars

My roommates and I had just moved into our new apartment.

First issue of the UH Summer Session. Ka Leo publishes only once a week over the Summer, instead of the usual three times a week.

47. Tying Up Loose Ends: A Semester Finale

Tantamount to a season finale; last issue of the 08/09 school year.

Looks like Zane wasn't lying about those worm holes.

Special thanks to Photoshop for allowing me to get the Scum and Muddy Waters out of the old comics and into this one with no trace of a difference.