Tuesday, December 6, 2011

145. The Last Post

This is the last post I will be adding to comicsbywill. It's time for a more professional site that I can better use in my search for jobs and opportunities. Fear not, I am still publishing The Sun Also Shines on the Moronic. It's now located here.
This is an example of the new direction I'm taking the strip. On this blog, it reads as number 145. At its new home, 'Artwork by Will,' it will be number 001. I'm starting the whole thing over one more time. I've learned a lot in the past two years - about comics, about art and about life in general - all of which, I hope, will help me take 'Artwork' (and eventually a home site just for The Sun Also Shines), into the professional realm.  Please subscribe to my new blog (you can sign up for email too!). I promise to be a much better web master for this one and provide a more constant flow of updates. So keep checking the new blog!  Thanks to my select group of fans! Here's to hoping your numbers swell with the new blog.  Peace!