Thursday, September 10, 2009

From the Horse's Mouth

This cartoon was published way back in late February of 2009.  It pertains to our Governor once again trying to do whatever the hell she wants to.
In this case, she wanted the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling made by Hawaiian courts blocking her from selling ceded (or formerly Royal) lands to developers in order to create a new hotel resort and boost tourism (Hawai'i's number one source of income).  Making matters more complicated was the presence of an ancient Hawaiian burial ground on these lands.  Lingle wanted the bones removed and placed in (probably) the Bishop Museum, so that she could sell the area to her developers.
I wonder if any one would have stayed at a hotel in which Hawaiian ghosts haunted guests nightly.  "Night Marchers," the ghosts of Hawaiian warriors, are infamous for killing people who get in the way of their nightly processions - that'll fuck up your jeans!

The Supreme Court roundly refused her request to overturn the Hawaiian court's ruling.  Supposedly, they were each visited by the "suffocating ghost" that frequents the Hawaiian islands.  The ghost sat on a majority of the chests of the Supreme Court until he had convinced said majority to vote against Lingle.

Won third place in the Board of Publication's 2008-2009 annual "Excellence in Journalism" competition in the "Editorial Cartoon" category.

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