Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Verdict on The iBorg

Well the results are in, apparently, and my comic won! Except that it didn't win any of the top three awards. It won one of the other "almost there" awards.  I get $20 out of it though.  And the comic should be appearing on Student Affairs' web site at some other time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Extra, extra, Batman revealed to be Bruce Wayne!

Funny story about this one, I made it awhile ago for the December 6th issue of Ka Leo.  The day after, I saw the news about Assange being accused of rape.  Unintentional new levels of depth have been discovered!
Also, Batman is Bruce Wayne.  Sorry.

Friday, December 10, 2010

141: The iBorg

A very special "The Sun Also Shines on the Moronic" that has been submitted to the annual Student Affairs College Cartoon Contest.

Holy balls! There's a monetary prize for the three best comics! Sweet!

Theme for the contest is: "Technology and Campus Life."

They have the same theme every year.  Usually I hate doing technology related cartoons.  Technology is usually cool, not stupid.  Stupid things are easier to make cartoons about.

This year, I received inspiration for this comic, but I only received it a short while ago.  The deadline for the competition is today; Friday the 10th (it's still Friday in Honolulu).  I submitted this cartoon 30 minutes ago.  Talk about cutting it close.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it! (Don't sue me, Steve, fucking, Jobs).