Friday, December 4, 2009

90. Continuity Issues

Hey kids, Harold, Zane and the rest of the "Morons" are back to their usual, non-centipedal shenanigans.
Btw, Harold is, in fact, wearing the "Photoshop Hero" T-shirt from Penny Arcade.  I'm hoping that by acknowledging it's origins here, they won't ask me to take it down.  I've emailed them to make sure it's cool, but to my complete shock, I've received no reply.
Jeeez, you'd think they were famous or something! What d'they have their own flippin' expo or something like th - oh... what's that? PAX is a Penny Arcade Expo? Well I'll be a fruit-fucker prime!

1 comment:

  1. i like this one :) i always wondered about those cartoon shows as a kid. i mean why is it funny to americans that the coyote always dies in horrifc ways? when you think about it, the roadrunner is kind of a bastard.