Thursday, March 3, 2011

143: A Meaningful Dialogue at the State Capitol

So here's what's been happening.  State of Hawaii is trying to pay its bills and is stripping everything to find out where it absentmindedly left those million dollar lumps of money lying around.  Unfortunately for UH, some of those lumps have been in use in order to run the Chartered Student Organizations (CSOs), which include such unimportant things as student government, the radio station and Ka Leo, the campus newspaper.  As of now, thanks to a general outcry by anyone motivated enough to submit testimony , the main offender, Senate Bill 120, has been stripped of language that covers the CSO special and revolving fund.  Yay! But there are more bills in the House that still do basically the same thing as the original SB120 did. For more info, visit:
Which explains some of the bills still on the table, as well as:
Which explain some of the history behind this issue.


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