Friday, November 5, 2010

Video Coverage of the Hawaii elections now available

Ka Leo O Hawaii may have made history this past Tuesday night by being the first team to partner with the Student Video and Film Association (SVFA) and send camera crews to both gubernatorial candidate's headquarters to document the evening.

It is now available at the Ka Leo website:

At the Abercrombie camp were News Editor Lynn Nakagawa, Feature's editor Reece Farinas (who was doubling as our photographer) and two able bodied SVFA camera operatives including program head Kate Dahan.

At the Aiona headquarters were veteran reporter and Editor-in-Chief of Ka Lamakua, Chris Mikesell, Ka Leo Photo Editor Nik Seu, as well as myself and an additional two SVFA members.

After a grueling 10 hours of learning Final Cut Pro on the fly and figuring out how to create a video-news report by the seed of my pants - the final product is, well, decent.  Nothing fabulous, nothing amazing, but it gets the job done.

The benefits:  learning more about the election night process through a journalists eyes. Meeting several important people including James "Duke" Aiona, Charles Djou, Aiona campaign manager Dutch Hanohano and Djou campaign spokesman Daniel Son.  Learning Final Cut Pro. Learning how hard learning a new program can be on the fly.  Learning how useless iMovie 9 still is (though I'm told the latest version, iMovie 11 draws on the old, useful iMovie 6 more heavily).

The not so beneficial aspects: getting sick, missing class the next day, having to use iMovie9.

All in all, I think I came out on top.

Check it out.  The interviews are exclusively delicious.

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