Tuesday, October 5, 2010

139. The Fever

It's been awhile since the last post; such is the busy life of the E.I.C.  At least you get a double-dose of win with this one.
I miss doing comics an incredible amount - they're so much more fun to work on than running a newspaper.
In honor of the one, the only, Justin Bieber showing up at the N.B.C. arena in Honolulu this Friday and Saturday, here's a strip that chronicles the horrendous fever this bio-terrorist / child-pop-star-sensation induces upon even the most unlikeliest of people.
Naturally, I don't listen to the music at all, and shun all those who do as they are, most certainly, witches, or aliens, or both.
One last thing for the search results: bieber fever.
Peace out.

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  1. sigh. as much as i heart justin beiber, this is pretty damn funny.