Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Densetsu Main Spread

So this is my first entirely, 100% digital image. Even my layouts and sketches were done digitally, which is kinda bad because I'm still not super comfortable with the digital brushes. Still, I think it turned out pretty good!
The image is based off of one of my all time favorite DBZ cards.  I've inserted my own cast of characters from Densetsu as well as adding the two large figures entirely, but the smaller figures and background color scheme pay homage to that DBZ card.


  1. you: "did you see my picture yet? did you see my picture yet?! did you see it?!!! ...secrets...secrets...all my secrets..."

    yes, it is very pleasing to my retinas, cones and rods.


  2. did you not get my last comment yet?

  3. i guess my first comment got lost :(