Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Going Rogue

So "Going Rogue" came out today. Basically Sarah Palin is going to make millions off of a book she wrote in like, half a year.
I've read a few excerpts and have investigated the table of contents and the index, which actually told me a lot about the book.  The quoted passage is actually from the book.  You might think the ellipses are to edit out the good parts and make her look bad, but in reality, the whole thing is bad. I merely edited out the part that wasn't as hilariously awful.
And yes, Sarah is dressed as Morrigan. I personally don't really care who thinks she's attractive or not; the point is that she's a succubus sent from hell to annihilate the English language (amongst other things).

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  1. For the record: I have not read Going Rogue, nor do I have any intention of doing so. I have enough political non-fiction to keep up with to waste any of my time on fiction. That is the reason I never read Gore Vidal's historical novel on Abraham Lincoln. What's the point when there are so many great biographies? Besides, it's been quoted and dissected enough in the last twenty-four hours, I'm able to draw a couple of conclusions.

    One such conclusion that is unavoidable is the woman's jaw-dropping shallowness. When telling the story of how she was confronted at one point with news reports that she and her husband Todd were going to divorce, one would think (indeed one would hope) that she would offer for the reader's contemplation a heartfelt description of her abiding love for her husband; how their union could not be tossed aside like some disposable camera - that she and Todd took their wedding vows seriously. No, there was none of that....

    "Dang, I thought. Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd???"

    Thirteen years into their marriage, Eleanor Roosevelt was confronted with her husband's affair with her social secretary (and distant relative of mine - I come from a long line of home wreckers) Lucy Paige Mercer. After contemplating divorce, it was decided that they would continue their union. Years later, she confided to her friend, Joesph Lash, the reasons for saving their marriage. They were many and complicated. This, I can assure you, was not one of them:

    "Dang, I thought. Divorce Franklin? Have you SEEN Franklin???"


    Tom Degan

    Goshen, NY